Necra Alpha 0.0.18 Release!

It's been a while and I've been very very busy at work on this version. In it is bug fixes, a new area, 2 new dungeons and much much more as well as an entire rebalance on the entire game. Change log is below. Thank you for those of you who have helped come this far. You are all amazing! Enjoy!

• Fixed an issue with the debug room.
• Added step sounds to certain surfaces the player walks on.
• Removed the Animated Tiles option from the options menu. It was really ment for the mobile version which has been discontinued.
• Changed the way cooldowns are displayed.
• Changed stats for all characters.
• Changed experience growth for all characters.
• Changed some class names.
• Nerfed Shield Bash skill from a 40% chance to give the Paralyze status effect down to 35%.
• Buffed damage on Shield Bash skill.
• Nerfed health of enemies on the first fight of the game.
• Lowered the heal skill chance of the gazer bat in the Elven Ruins.
• Fixed a few typos.
• Changed some of the MP costs on certain spells.
• Changed the save option for the door to the Elven Ruins.
• Changed the animation for physical damage limit breaks.
• Added the ability to rename weapons and armors.
• Added enchantments to weapons and armors.
• Added a new status page that breaks down literally everything you'd need to know about your character.
• Changed background in the Elven Ruins a bit to make it less laggy.
• Rebalanced every enemy in the game!
• Gave all characters resistances to certain elements.
• Gave the swordsman and rogue new names.
• Removed the new debugger due to stability issues when not test playing.
• Gave Alex a 10% aggro buff to his class bonuses.
• Made Alex's Hasten Blades do a 1 to 1 life steal.
• Renamed Hasten Blades to Chaos Blades.
• Fixed a bug where the wrong face sprite could be used when loading the game.
• Added new sounds to Chaos Blades.
• Gave the "Get Out" enemy a instant game over ability if the player fights him too long.
• Gave a soft red glow to the untouched switches in the Elven Ruins.
• Added extra dialog to the Elven Ruins.
• Made the Elven Ruins a bit lighter so the player can navigate it a little better.
• Changed the body slam animation slightly.
• Increased the enemy spider's natural MP.
• Added magical attack stats to Alex's weapons.
• Added a new name input screen.
• Added a Master Volume option.
• Added a new Study skill to learn about your enemies, including their weaknesses. This skill can be learned at game start and all characters learn this ability!
• Changed the timing on the scene with the Orc waking up in Darkrock Cave.
• Simplified some code for cutscenes.
• Finished Lost Lake.
• Added several new enemies.
• Added 2 new dungeons.
• Added 2 new bosses.
• Added a few new skills to the game which the party will be able to learn in a later update.
• Fixed a few grammar issues.
• Added a way to check the status of allies during a battle.
• Made a change to where if there is only one character in the party, you won't have to select a character for spells or menus.
• Nerfed buffs and debuffs from changing a stat by 25% to 20%.
• Increased mana usage on buffs and debuffs.


Necra Version Alpha 0.0.18 for Windows 635 MB
Feb 15, 2018
Necra Version Alpha 0.0.18 for Mac 633 MB
Feb 15, 2018
Necra Version Alpha 0.0.18 for Linux 637 MB
Feb 15, 2018

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