Necra Alpha 0.0.17 Release!

We're up to the 17th alpha version. This one includes many big bug fixes as well as a new town and quest to explore. I hope you guys enjoy playing it as much as I have enjoyed making it. It's been almost a year now and the year went by really really quickly. The game has a lot of stable play time currently and I'm only looking to expand on it more and more until the story ends naturally. Thank you for those who have stuck with me over the time I've been building this game up. The change log is below!

• Fixed a bug where the wrong face sprite could be displayed in a certain instance.
• Changed limit break damage variance from 25% to 10%.
• Changed the Elven Ruins to give infomation dialog on switch puzzle earlier to avoid players missing the information all together! (This was reported happening a few times.)
• Changed buffs and debuffs to have a 100% hit rate.
• Nerfed Recovery from healing 3% to 1% of a character's max HP and restoring 3%+50 to 3% of a character's max MP.
• Dragon boss fights now have a few added dialogs to explain things better.
• Added a new dragon boss fight.
• The number of switches left to be flipped in the Elven Ruins now only show up when interacting with the main switch in the center room.
• Changed the formula on Tabris' Limit Break so it heals differently.
• Changed the appearance of the loading screen.
• Changed the first map of the game to be more natural looking.
• Changed some of the dialog at the start of the game.
• Added a critical hit popup when criticals happen.
• Changed the status page to display character race, max armor level and class bonuses.
• Fixed a bug in the Sylvanoak battle where if the player were to talk to the first set of guards on the left or right side, instead of straight on, it would softlock the game.
• Added a new town called Willowmere.
• Added a new quest that can be started in Willowmere.
• Changed Alex's crit bonus to a total of 9%.
• Added a few new enemies.
• Added a new mysterious barrier to the entrance of Lost Lake.
• Fixed a few typos.

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