Necra Alpha 0.0.16 Release!

I've finally updated Necra to Alpha 0.0.16! A lot has changed and it's been a long 5 months since my last published version. Changes are listed below. Enjoy guys!

  • Due to a popular request, the ATB battle system has been changed to the CTB battle system. The internal part of the system is the exact same, but there are no more bars to wait for and turns are instant.
  • Reworked Sevok's default sprites so he has elven ears like he's supposed to.
  • Reduced the amounts of experience gained from enemies found in Darkrock Cave.
  • Fixed an issue where if the players mouse was hovering over an enemy, you could not change the selection with the keyboard or controller.
  • Added a cape to Alex's alternate outfit.
  • Fixed a bug with Alex's text voice could be heard in a place it wasn't intended to play.
  • Added a new Shield Bash skill to Ilyana's skill set.
  • Added a new paralyzed status effect.
  • Added a note to the first dungeon door letting the player know that saving is disabled in dungeons.
  • Changed the way fog works to be a little less heavy on the systems when used.
  • Changed the color of the limit break bar to gray. It now turns golden when full to make players notice when the bar is filled more easily.
  • Optimized lava in the Elven Ruins a bit more.
  • Updated lighting to hopefully produce less lag when it's used.
  • The area before entering the Elven Ruins now has some light to it since it's supposed to be nightime and not pitch black like the Ruins are.
  • Updated to pixi engine 4.4.1.
  • Added a music menu to listen to any music you've heard before in the game.
  • Added a new cheat code to unlock all music in the music menu instantly.
  • Added extra dialogs on game load so the player remembers what they were doing easier when they load the game.
  • Added extra dialog to the main switch in the Elven Ruins to better guide the player to the next part of the story.
  • Added extra dialog to the town of Sylvanoak and a lot of the events there to better guide the player to the next part of the story.
  • Renamed Potion of Life to Life Potion.
  • Added a way to discard items if desired. (This doesn't work for Key Items)
  • Added a ton to the tutorial to explain far more about the game and the way RPGs usually work for people new to them.
  • Added a far more advanced debug mode. Note that this can crash the game or cause odd things to happen. Use at your own risk!
  • Changed Ilyana's counter attack chance from 10% to 15%.
  • Removed chain commands to keep this working as a web played game.
  • Finished the Deeproot Farm area and the forest scene inside it.
  • Changed the light coming off the switch and the crystal in the main chamber of the Elven Ruins to be white instead of blue.
  • Fixed an issue where a question would disappear when a choice box popped up in some instances.
  • Fixed a few minor typos.
  • Fixed an issue where revive would only heal an ally and wouldn't actually revive someone... (hopefully)
  • Buffed the Slave Owner, a hidden mini-boss.
  • Added a new Mana Blast 1 spell to the Slave Owner's skill set.
  • Increased lighting around the player from a 150 point radius to a 200 point radius. Should make it a bit easier to navigate those dark dungeons.
  • Fixed a bug where a name box wouldn't appear during some dialogs.
  • Rebalanced many enemy health point stats.
  • Added a Game Over system to keep from having to go back to the title screen every time.
  • Added rugs outside of bathrooms to make it easier to tell where the doors to them are.
  • Fixed a bug where the player could walk on walls if they walked on a certain tile.
  • Tried to fix the mobile version and failed. Sorry guys. This just end up being a PC only game.

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